Economic benefits

  • 50% discount on insurance costs forever (variable percentage depending on the city and the insurance company)
  • Free car tax for the first 5 years
  • The electric motor lasts for millions of km and does not need maintenance
  • There is no usury: no adjustments or changing of the brushes are necessary
  • No inconvenience during the tests
  • Very simple vehicle maintenance
  • Electric vehicles can travel freely and without costs in ZTL limited traffic areas
  • Freedom of movement even on days when it would not be allowed on the basis of pollution reduction strategies
  • Zero exhaust emissions

Environmental benefits

Compared to a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, the electric car produces up to 46% less greenhouse gas. Furthermore:

  • Reduction of social costs due to the impact of combustion emissions on health and the ecosystem
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Lower consumption of fossil fuels
  • No noise pollution (electric vehicles are extremely silent)

Energy saving

The average energy savings achieved by electric vehicles compared to motor vehicles is around 40%, thanks to the overall efficiency significantly higher.

  • Gasoline engine efficiency: 25%
  • Electric motor efficiency: 90%
  • Combined cycle power plant for electricity production efficiency: 45%

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