SpotLink is a network of smart charging stations, offering a series of additional technologically advanced services to both the charging station operator and the final user. In all its versions it is able to supply up to 32A both single and three phases.

Why SpotLink?

By choosing SpotLink, you choose a unique charging station for electric cars.

Charging station operator benefits

  • Monitor: it is possible to monitor the charging stations at any time through the Spotlink back office. You can check the status of the operation, alarms, etc. in real time. The manager can also access a series of reports on the progress of the charging stations, for example, number of recharges carried out over a period of time, kWh supplied, etc.
  • Configure: the operator, in complete autonomy, is able to configure some parameters of the charging stations in complete autonomy as, kWh cost, power of the recharge (and therefore charging speed)..
  • Coupon Management: the manager can decide to release coupons to sell or give free to his customers. Coupons can be of three types:
    • value in €, so the manager can preload a value in the coupon
    • value in time, so the manager can decide the validity time of the coupon
    • € + time, so there will be a preloaded amount that can be used within a certain period

End user benefits

  • Geolocation and status of charging stations: through our App, available for Android and iOS, you can locate the charging station closest to your current location and find the route to reach it
  • Status check: once the recharge has been started, it is possible to check the progress of the recharge and to be warned in case of alarms or at the end of the recharge
  • Payment: SpotLink offers to the user different types of payment:
    • Through a credit preloaded in the App
    • Through coupons purchased or given free by the manager
    • Through coins where the payment with money option is provided


There are three main models of SpotLink charging stations: BASIC, EVO, WALLBOX.


Base station with 1 or 2 customizable sockets, recharge up to 32 A single-phase or three-phase.




Advanced station with 1 or 2 customizable sockets, recharge up to 32 A single-phase or three-phase, with touch screen panel for managing recharges - interfaced with the Spotlink network which allows the user to locate the nearest charging station, etc. and allows the manager to monitor and manage in autonomous way the charging station such as recharge powers, recharge prices, statistics and reports, etc.


EVO SpotLink


Portable station with 1 customizable socket, single-phase or three-phase recharge, with selector for maximum power supply regulation.



Additional services

In addition to Spotlink, Emotion is able to provide the customer with a series of additional services including the supply and installation of roof shelters (with and without photovoltaic) and electric car rent.


We are able to supply and install roof shelters for Spotlink with or without a turnkey photovoltaic system.

We manage all the practices for the authorization to build, we manage the installation and if you decide to install the photovoltaic we also manage all the practices for the GSE (Energy Services Manager).


EV rental

We can offer long-term rental service for a wide range of electric cars (BMW, RENAULT, VOLKSWAGEN, NISSAN, etc.)

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