1 - Download SpotLink App and get your code

Download SpotLink App available on Android and iOS stores. Then register for obtain your personal code.
The code will be visible after login.

2 - Verify if the Station is public or private

By clicking on the icon of the station on the map, you can check all the information related to the manager of that station.
Check if it is a public or private station

3 - Request activation


Contact the information point of the manager of the EV charging station and request the activation for your user to charge.
You can contact him directly using our APP thanks to the information in the station details.

This operation must be done once for the selected station.


Using the app by clicking on the "credit" icon, proceed to charge a credit to your SpotLink account. The amount of the EV recharge will be deducted from this preloaded credit.

4 - Enter your code and start charging

Once enabled, simply connect the car to the column and, following the instructions on the display, enter your code.
At this point will start charging your car!

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