E-motion group

Emotion is an expert Italian company specialized in the sector of electric mobility.
Over the years, it has acquired technical skills developing innovative, consolidated and reliable solutions, with the aim of achieving eco-friendly mobility in the cities and reducing environmental impact.

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Why EV?

Thanks to the electric car you save money, help the environment and enjoy more efficient mobility.

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SpotLink is a network of smart charging stations, offering a series of additional technologically advanced services to both the charging station operator and the final user. In all its versions it is able to supply up to 32A both single and three phases.

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How to charge your EV

Umbria power Car sharing

Electric car sharing is a service that allows you to use an electric car on reservation, taking it from a charging station and leaving it in another charging station where you prefer. Payment is made by credit card and the rate is for the minutes of use.

What is?

EV charging stations


Base station with 1 or 2 customizable sockets, recharge up to 32 A single-phase or three-phase.




Advanced station with 1 or 2 customizable sockets, recharge up to 32 A single-phase or three-phase, with touch screen panel for managing recharges - interfaced with the Spotlink network which allows the user to locate the nearest charging station, etc. and allows the manager to monitor and manage in autonomous way the charging station such as recharge powers, recharge prices, statistics and reports, etc.


EVO SpotLink


Portable station with 1 customizable socket, single-phase or three-phase recharge, with selector for maximum power supply regulation.