Umbria power Car sharing

Electric car sharing is a service that allows you to use an electric car on reservation, taking it from a charging station and leaving it in another charging station where you prefer. Payment is made by credit card and the rate is for the minutes of use.

The user registered for the service book the car through the App, compatible with all operating systems.

The cost for the user includes an annual fee in addition to the cost for the single periods of use.

Emotion is planning this type of service, with the aim of providing a complete Car sharing management platform in the hands of the customer.

How does it works?

You have to subscribe to the service to be able to use the car whenever there is a need, for short or long distances, taking it and then leaving it in the charging station where it is more convenient for you, leaving it available to other users.

All this can be managed through an App on the smartphone that will tell you where to find the nearest car and will indicate the location of the charging stations.

Advantages compared to current mobility

  • Economic convenience: you only pay the usage of the vehicle, with a per-minute rate, you have the opportunity to enter into ZTL area and to park for free on the blue strips
  • Speed of movement: the practicable urban area spectrum and the easy way of access make it a faster choice than other solutions.

Benefits generated by electric car sharing

  • Ecologic: because the car is zero emissions, both in terms of CO2 and noise pollution
  • Social: because it offers an innovative solution to citizens, compensating for the shortcomings of traditional public mobility
  • Cheap: since both the energy and the use of the electric vehicle are included in the price.

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