About us

Emotion is an expert Italian company specialized in the sector of electric mobility.
Over the years, it has acquired technical skills developing innovative, consolidated and reliable solutions, with the aim of achieving eco-friendly mobility in the cities and reducing environmental impact.
The qualifying elements of Emotion products, systems and services are technological leadership, expertise and specialization, personalized service and assistance, application knowledge, competitiveness and the best value, making it possible to meet any need.

Emotion, offers:

  • Personalized design through customized solutions
  • Technical-design assistance to optimize costs and solutions
  • Information and advice to organize and manage a charge station
  • After-sales service: complete maintenance or direct management of all recharging points.


Our strategy is focused simultaneously on technical growth and research and development, with a particular focus on business acquisitions with the aim of increasing our efficiency and our global footprint within our strategic business.

Furthermore, we are constantly improving performance in terms of productivity, reliability and efficiency, and we pursue innovation with a strong commitment to research and development, acting responsibly in terms of social, ethical and environmental impact.

The group



Consauto is a cooperative company, leader in Umbria in the field of car repair and maintenance since 1994, the year of its foundation.

IME group

Ime Impianti has been operating in the electrical systems sector for over 30 years.


Confartigianato Foligno

The small business has always been part of the Italian scene. Confartigianato has always represented it.

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